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 Many treatment options exist for the treatment of a missing tooth. Simple non-surgical treatment include removable partial denture (or frequently referred to as the plate), adtooth implant costhesive bonded bridge (less predictable in longevity but is a fixed option and does not require much tooth reduction), and conventional dental bridge (utilises the immediate adjacent teeth to the gap to support the bridge, requires significant tooth reduction but provides good longevity provided the adjacent teeth are adequately strong. 

For those patients who do not want to have the concerns of a loose denture, the less predictability of adhesive bridge, or the cutting down of the adjacent teeth for the conventional bridge, but leaving a gap is not an option, or is limiting their chewing function, then tooth implant may be an option.

Dental implant is a surgical treatment to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It involves the meticulous preparation of the jaw bone, insertion of high-grade titanium fixture (the implant), and ultimately the final restorations to go on top of the fixture (the tooth/crown).

It is often performed under local anaesthetic, and is often less traumatic than a tooth removal, as it is a surgically calculated procedure that is performed under high precision, unlike the unpredictable nature of tooth extraction.

The surgical site assessment needs to be well calculated and often involves grafting or augmentation of loss bone and soft-tissue (gum) if the tooth has been missing for a while.

In challenging and high risk surgical cases, a specialist is often recommended as an option for the surgery part Chastwood Dental Implantof the dental implant. Your dentist will advise accordingly.

 It is strongly advisable to have an initial consultation prior to engaging the surgical procedure, and a CT scan of the site is mandatory to the placement of implant to minimise risk of traumatising surrounding tissues such as blood vessels, sinus membrane, and jaw nerves.

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