Emergency Dentist at Chatswood

It’s crucial for anyone to know the emergency dental care services that can be provided by an emergency dentist in Chatswood. This is to ensure that your family’s dental needs are given the right care. It’s true that accidents can take place at any time of the day. There are those oral injuries that require emergency dental treatments while some can wait till the dentist gets back into the clinic.

There are several types of mouth injuries that are considered as common just like having cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth. This may be because of biting on a hard piece of object. It may also because of a sports related injury or a slip or fall or anything like it. It is also possible for a cracked or chipped tooth or any other minor fracture to wait till the dentist’s clinic opening hours but of course this depends on the location and how severe the injury is.Emergency dentist Chatswood

However when the crack is quite severe or perhaps a large piece of tooth is missing or perhaps the tooth has nerve damage or may be knocked out totally, it is crucial to seek for medical attention right away.

There are some first aid treatments that can be done for this kind of emergency. In the case of a knocked out tooth, you can try to place the tooth back into the socket. Let the patient bite on a moistened gauze or a wet tea bag. The patient has to be careful not to swallow the knocked-out tooth.

If it’s not possible to let the tooth stay in the socket in the whole duration of getting into a dentist or the emergency room, the tooth has to be rinsed off of any traces of dirt. The tooth should be placed in a container filled with milk or the saliva of the patient until the professional dentist can see him or her.  A cold and wet compress may be placed to stop the bleeding from the socket.

There are instances when the problem is not a knocked out tooth or a broken one. It may be possible for you to be dealing with severe tooth pain such as in the case of an abscess tooth. If this is the case, you may call on the dentist’s office right away. Dentists often reserve spots for emergency cases like that.

If the dental clinic is closed, you may still call and find out if there are any emergency numbers provided for you to call. If this is not possible at all, it’s wise to seek for the nearest emergency room. Any staff there may be able to determine if you can wait for the dental professional to check on it. The staff may also provide pain medication to help alleviate the pain experienced.

Any dental emergency to the tooth or gums may be potentially serious and it should not be ignored or else it can risk permanent damage and may require extensive treatment in the long run.






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