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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

Cosmetic dentistry has become even more popular today. Services range from simple teeth whitening, shaping, closing spaces, and even teeth replacement. Cosmetic dentists have all the dental tools and techniques they can use to improve a person’s smile.

Before you go through any of the procedures, it’s important to know the benefits along with the risks first. You have to be sure about the costs you might incur, the experience of the dentist, and any special maintenance steps to be taken after the procedure.

Here are some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures you have to be familiar of:

This is done on teeth that have been stained by smoking, drinking, and taking medications. The dentist can ensure bleaching on your teeth to whiten them through two ways. It can be done in the clinic or the dentist may provide the patient with a whitening system to use at home.

The dentist can create a custom-made mouthpiece tray to make sure that the right amount of whitening solution placed on it would reach the teeth.

  • BondingThe best cosmetic dentistry in Chatswood

This is good when you have gaps or spaces between them or if ever they are chipped, broken, cracked, or stained. Dentists make use of filling materials to fill cavities and to protect exposed teeth roots.

  • Veneers.

These are custom shells often made of porcelain and is used as a cover of the tooth’s front side. They are meant to change the colour and shape. These last longer than bonding and look better as well. It’s also less expensive than crowns.


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